Why do we grieve?

Because we love. It is that simple. I have heard from clients that the deeper we love, the harder we grieve. This is quite possible. And if this is true, then it makes sense that the more traumatic the loss, the harder the grief process will be. Grief is not a condition or disorder. It is a natural response to a profound loss. And because of this, some say that counseling or therapy is not warranted. However, sometimes traumatic grief becomes more than we can handle alone and an intervention is required to get us back on track.

There are many online and in-person support groups for those who are grieving because talking to others who share an understanding of the process does help. Talking about those who are no longer with us and having a safe space to grieve openly and honestly helps to bridge a former life with a new one for those of us left behind.

But where can you go to talk about the details of a horrific traumatic loss? Here. Right here. I hope that you will share equally the stories of your losses and your triumphs. I hope that you may find others to comfort you along the way and find some peace along your journey.


2 thoughts on “Why do we grieve?

  1. So my mom committed suicide July 23, 2020….then my dad passed from Pancreatic Cancer August 29, 2020.
    So, being their only child with no close family it’s been a rough summer, to put it mildly. I read your post on mourning before this one and realized it’s not something I’ve really gotten to do. No services were done for mom, but I had a picnic im her honor last month.
    Dad’s memorial stuff keeps getting delayed; we’re looking at early October now. It’s just…a lot. I wish I could hear stories about them, or something. I know grief is a lonely process but hot damn I wish I knew other people missed them like I do.

    • Im really sorry you are going through so much at once. I am glad to hear the post may have helped. Funerals and memorials are for the living and serves to bring us closure and a way to process our losses. The picnic in her honor was a loving tribute. I’m hoping for you and your family that your father’s memorial will give you that opportunity to share those stories, pictures and memories with others and it will help you to feel not so alone in your grief. Best wishes.

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