The Rule of 3 in Grief

The days are divided into 3’s: Hard, harder and over it. Bed please.

Why can’t we nail Jell-O to a wall but we try three times anyway? The same reason we always try to blame ourselves for our loved one’s deaths…”If only …”

Why do we have to try doughnuts three times before we find one we like? The same reason we have to see three counselors before we find one we like. We are human and we have FOMO coupled with expectation.

Why does every partner expect that the magical third date must lead to sex? I’m thinking it just requires clean clothes.

Why are there so many stages to grief? It should be hard, harder and used to the unexpected waves. Martini please.

Survival: you can survive 3 minutes without air in cold water; 3 hours without shelter in a harsh environment (unless it is cold water); 3 days without water (as long as you are not in a harsh environment); 3 weeks without food (if you have water and shelter); but you cannot possibly survive the loss of a loved one for 3 seconds without immediately grieving.


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