Why Does Grief Go Untreated When It Is So Destructive?

I have a hard time digesting the fact that in the DSM-5, Grief is not a treatable disorder unless and until it becomes complicated. We don’t come with handbooks that tell us how to grieve, when to start or even more importantly, when to begin to stop. Why is it so unfathomable then, that we […]

Today I Saw a Ghost at a Funeral

I was sitting by myself in the lonely and cold room of the funeral home staring at my friend’s body surrounded by flowers. He looked good as corpses go, decked out in a fine suit with an Art Deco pin on the lapel. He had on a lot of make up, but then again, most […]

When Love Isn’t Enough

I recently attended a funeral and the stepmother wasn’t acknowledged at all by the deceased or her family in the service or the obituary. She had been married to the deceased girl’s father for 30 years and all of this came as quite a shock to the stepmother. She certainly counted her children as her […]

Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder

If you have lost something or someone that meant something to you, you will grieve the loss. It’s ingrained in our DNA as living beings. It is the price we pay for love. There is no getting around it. It’s a door you have to walk through in order to get to the other side. […]

Grieving Before the Loss

Life is not always easy and to watch someone we love suffer can make it unbearable. All too often the grieving process starts before the person who is ill is ready to make others feel better, or even face the end of the battle themselves. Tempers flare, feelings fly out of people’s mouths and tears […]

Why do we grieve?

Because we love. It is that simple. I have heard from clients that the deeper we love, the harder we grieve. This is quite possible. And if this is true, then it makes sense that the more traumatic the loss, the harder the grief process will be. Grief is not a condition or disorder. It […]


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